Meet The Nasty C Of KNUST

We have with us an upcoming artiste, a promising one of course. Enam is a student of KNUST. Here is a brief interview with Enam. Enjoy


Kuulpeeps: Hi Enam, Hope you are ready to start this?

Enam: I am more ready than you are unless you would want me to start interviewing you rather.

Kuulpeeps: *laughs*A little bit of introduction would do, can you please tell us something brief about yourself

Enam: I am Enam with the star and The Capital_E. I’m 19 years, currently in my second year in KNUST. I read computer engineering and I’m a proud Perscoba*winks*. I spent 15 years of my life in Tamale and I’m currently living in Tema. I love music!!!

Kuulpeeps: Great. I believe music is something you have always wanted to do or?

Enam: Alllwwwwaayyys charley, since 2011!

Kuulpeeps: That’s like 7 years ago. Wow. So I can say you started rapping at the age of 12?

Enam: Exactly

Kuulpeeps: Are you just into rap?

Enam: Yes just rap. There’s no way I can dance so it’s all rap for me. But I can act too *laughs*

Kuulpeeps: Every Ghanaian parent wants their child to become a doctor, engineer, teacher etc and certainly not a musician, in my view. What is the reaction from your parents and family, are they cool with what you have taken up?

Enam: My mum is supportive of me full time! Sometimes she takes care of the expenses that go into the studio and other stuff, but my dad, he’s completely clueless. He is more interested in my education and I don’t think he would be happy to know that I’m not a 1oo% focused.

Kuulpeeps: Being given a job related to your studies or being signed by your favojrite artiste, which do you prefer?

Enam: Oh definitely being signed. Forget about the job.

Kuulpeeps: Between Sarkodie and Manifest, who do you prefer and why?

Enam: My favourite honestly is Sarkodie. I just love his vibe, his swag, the confidence and the heat. And he has more hits and waves on air than Manifest. I’d admit my rap is way different from Sarkodie’s, but we all know how the atmosphere is when he steps on stage.

Kuulpeeps: You have to make you father proud, so how are you combining your studies with music?

Enam: For now, music doesn’t come in the way of my studies because I’m not running from city to city to perform or for interviews. Now it’s all about the books and school. I do music full time when I’m at home, going to the studio every day and staying up all night just to write, but my studies come first now till I’m done with school.

Kuulpeeps: Cool. So are you saying you will give music full focus after school?

Enam: Yes exactly. That’s if everything goes on well, I’m just praying.

Kuulpeeps: How many songs have you made so far? And is there any in the pipeline?

Enam: I’ve released 3 so far including my rap freestyle on YouTube, there are more in the studio, but I’m thinking of holding off and making an EP, like an album of 7 or 8 songs. We will see what happens by July, and yeah there are a couple of features I’m doing so there’s plenty.

Kuulpeeps: Let’s get a little personal. Do you have a girlfriend?

Enam: I don’t oh, I’m still searching, or maybe you have one for me.

Kuulpeeps: KNUST is full of nice girls boss! * laughs*

Enam: That’s right.

Kuulpeeps: Where do you see yourself in the music industry some few years from now?

Enam: I always dream big you know, so I’ll probably be like Nasty C in a year because I want to be young and huge and in like 4 years I should be the King of Rap charley!

Kuulpeeps: It was nice having you with us. We wish you all the best in whatever you do. To be honest, we really enjoyed this.

Enam: Me too and thank you also for having me. I appreciate.






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