Legon’s SRC Treasurer Ranks Last In LOPA SRC Performance Review

With 180 days into the Otting Levels led administration, LOPA Legon has brought out its review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the current SRC administration.

LOPA aka Legon’s CIA went into the nitty-gritty of the policies brought in by the SRC this Friday and compared them with the actual work performed by the student government.

Executives were graded on the work done on the policy projection for the accomplishment of policies by the end of tenure, the effort made for the accomplishment of policies and finally, the commitment towards the accomplishment of the policies.

This is a breakdown of how the Executives fared:
From the office of the Financial Secretary who brought out 4 policies, it turns out she has proved unable to complete a single one of them. She scored a 19.00% on a total average grade which is one of the worst scores ever.

On the office of the General Secretary who had 5 policies at the start of the campaign, it was revealed that most of these policies were either completely finished or at the final stages of completion.

Miss Maame Serwaa polled an amazing average of 71.20% only falling short of the full mark because of lack of sponsorship to finance the policy.

Finally the office of the President…

During his campaign, he promised 52 policies. Now, due to the rather large number of policies, LOPA decided to group the policies into particular areas they could focus on.

Daniel Otting Awuah

On the policies concerning academics, Mr Otting polled an 11% for implementation of policies. Policies on the development of the administration, he polled 37% and policies on internet accessibility and communication, the administration was scored a 12%. On policies concerning Shuttling/Transportation, they were graded 54% and policies concerning sports, 24%.

Policies concerning the rebranding of the SRC, he polled 84% due to effective hands-on work that had culminated in the new SRC logo.

Policies on ease of access on campus, the SRC polled 30% while other policies concerning health, security and sanitation on campus, a score of 23% was given due to inactivity in that particular sector. There were several others encompassing the administrative capacities as well as the constitution of the SRC administration in which the administration polled 70% for implementation.

Considering the scores given to the office of the President, he had an average of grade 38.89% the second highest score for the administration and a slight raise from the 22.4% polled by the Esinam led administration last year.

Get the full and detailed report here: #LOPA2018Report



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