La Même Gang Has Released Their Set List For Pent Hallweek’s Artiste Night!

Pent Hallweek is here!!!!!!!!!

The most talked about hallweek officially launched on Sunday and even though we are looking forward to all the activities, we can’t wait for the climax on Saturday!!!

Pent has promised an impressive list of artistes to make the night memorable and our favourite group, La Même Gang, has released their official set list for the artiste night and it’s pure flames!!

1.Cupid (Nxwrth feat Darkovibes)

2. Tomorrow (Darkovibes feat Kuvie)

3. Shade (Kwaku Bs feat DarkoVibes and Abu)

4. Mad Op ( La même gang feat $pacely & Darkovibes)

5. Godzilla (La même gang feat Darkovibes & Joey B)

6. Wowzers (RJZ feat. Kwaku Bs & $pacely)

7. Fitness ( La même gang feat. Hama, Kiddblack & Abu)

8. Placebo (Darkovibes & Kiddblack)

9. Digitz ($pacely feat. Kwesi Arthur)

10. Yaa Baby ( la même gang feat. Kwaku Bs & $pacely)


Here’s the playlist to prepare you for Saturday: La même Pent set list.

Start warming up so you don’t miss the heat!




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