CONFIRMED! All KNUST Hall Weeks In Just One Week!

Early this semester, it was rumoured that all the hall weeks would be fused into one week. Do you know what that means? While Epilogo is on going,  Continentals and Katangees will be doing their own thing.

As part of the VC’s plans to maximize academic work during the semester, all the various hall weeks have been fused into just one week.

Yes you read that right!!!

For the first time and maybe for the rest of KNUST’s life, all the halls in the school will celebrate their weeks together in the same week.
This year’s halls week will take place after the Mid Semester Examinations, that is, from Monday 19th March, 2018 to Sunday 25th March 2018.
It is without doubt that a lot of events will take place during that week and we are just hoping for the best.
Everyone knows hall weeks in KNUST are not jokkkeeess at all… Just Anticipate!!!!!!


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