Meet ‘GEORGE_THE_GREY’- The Astounding Pencil Artist In KNUST

Hey peeps, quick one…Do you remember Jack of Titanic? Leonardo Di Caprio, the lover boy? Aha! Then you perfectly recall his artistic skills and all that. Guess what, we found his prodigy right here in KNUST. One fine Kuulpeep blowing away people’s minds with his awesome pencil abilities. We had an interesting chat with him and you really want to know this guy!

Kuulpeeps: Who is George_the_grey?

George: OK. George_the_grey is a Christian gentleman, a young Ghanaian artist; a versatile one. (A pencil artist, a ceramist and an amateur photographer). I am George Kumi Koranteng Danso a 3rd year Industrial Art student.

Kuulpeeps: We have seen your amazing work as an artist. How long have you been into pencil art?

George: 2 years, Yes only two years. I started in 2016.

Kuulpeeps: Wow! Only 2 years?… No childhood experience or something?

George: Well, I loved art since I was a child. I actually did a visual arts course in SHS, Presec-Legon to be precise. But I wasn’t into drawing all this while until someone inspired me to draw in April 2016. With passion and determination, you can be very good in two years.

Kuulpeeps: Interesting… So can we say that you transitioned from scrap to awesome?

George: Oh no. I was never a scrap and will never be a scrap. As I said earlier, God helped me discover this gift

Kuulpeeps: You have been good since Day one…Wow again! Can we see some of your very first works?

George: Sure

Kuulpeeps: Do you look up to anyone as an artist…the Davincis, Picassos…?

George: Oh no, I don’t look up to anyone. I only draw inspiration from other artists.

Kuulpeeps: So which artists inspire your art?

George: I mean I can’t mention everyone’s name, the likes of Xane Asiamah and Kwakwa Anthony Junior. Just to mention a few.

Kuulpeeps: How much time do you invest in your work and how do you balance it with school work?

George: I must say I’m in the most challenging moment in my life. I actually spend more time doing what I’m passionate about including drawing and other projects I work on outside academics. I believe that in my passion lies my destiny. But that notwithstanding that, I make time for academic work too.

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Kuulpeeps: How supportive are your parents of this decision to follow your passion?

George: 100 percent. And I think they are proud of me though they can’t tell me. I think they are shy. That’s an assumption though lol.

Kuulpeeps: Really? I hope they read this

George: Haha… I hope they don’t

Kuulpeeps: What would you say is your best work so far?

George: Drawing Berla Mundi. I felt I nailed. I still can’t believe I made that drawing. She was really excited when she saw it. And I felt I was the man of the moment. And a big thank you Miss Naa Kordei for helping me out.

Kuulpeeps: Woow!! And you drew this from a real picture?

George: Yes, please.

Kuulpeeps: Mr. Grey, judging from how good you are we believe you got the girls all over you…

George: Haha… charley we’ve been gnashing since.

Kuulpeeps: Eiii bra George, are you for real?

George: Oh yes.

Kuulpeeps: Well…dear KNUST ladies, you read this yourselves… time to shoot your shots!

George: Lmao… I hope they aim right.

Kuulpeeps: Haha!  So Berla Mundi aside, which other personalities have you had the chance of meeting?

George: Stacy Amoateng, Anita Erskine, Akosua Hanson, Miss Naa Klordey, Jeremie Van Garshong and Bishop Tudor Bismark of Zimbabwe.

Kuulpeeps: That’s an envious list of contacts…Mr. Grey as we wrap up can you tell us what keeps you going. What’s your motivation in life?

George: My family, and a lady. Her name starts with an ‘S’… haha…it’s confidential and Africa. I feel my life connected to millions of people and if I fail, I fail God and millions of people. All I want to be is a gentleman with a difference. So many young people are living in the shadows of “I’m too young” syndrome. I’m sick and tired of that. I don’t believe I’m too young. In fact, age should not be a limitation. I hear of young people under 20 doing amazing stuff. We are not different from them. It’s about the mindset. If we should change our mindset and look for problems in our society and find solutions to them, I believe Ghana will be a better place and Africa as a whole. But everything boils down to one thing; The grace of God (the enabling power of God) that’s what keeps me moving the most.

Kuulpeeps: Perfect motivation for all Kuulpeeps out there. Nice having you join us for a chat, George! Wish you the best!

To see more of his works, follow him on Instagram @george_the_grey.


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