UCC: Supreme Court Quashes Appeal Against The ATL Hall Ruling

atl versus ucc

The Supreme Court of Ghana has quashed an appeal brought to it by the University Of Cape Coast’s lawyers after the university’s lawyers sought to seek an appeal against the ruling that went in favour of the formerly rusticated ATL hall executives.

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The school’s lawyers decided to appeal against the ruling on 21st December 2017, however, their appeal case met its end on 20th February 2018.

ucc src dvla project

The Supreme Court has ruled against the university’s wish to not pay the damages to the students.

This means that the initial ruling still holds and that the rustication has been reversed, each student is to receive damages to the tune of GHs10,000 and additionally separate exams will be held for each affected student.

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Students affiliated to the hall have been expressing their joy over a final decision which has been in their favour.

For now, what will the university do?

What will be their next move?

Those are the silent questions that students are asking.


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