Ghanaians Planting Plantain In Potholes Has Sharp Similarities To A Protest By A British Artist

Trust Ghanaians to do the extra when they want to get attention from their authorities.

Yvonne Nelson did the “Dumsor” demo to get then John Mahama led-government to address the power outages in the country.

Now, Ghanaians have started planting plantains on streets with potholes in a bid to get the government to repair the roads.

The pictures were first shared on Twitter by a handle called Prime Mover who Tweets at @D_kyem.

But this is not the first time, citizens of a country have done something similar on their roads to get their state authorities to fix the potholes on their roads.

Wanksy, an anonymous artist from Greater Manchester, England used washable paint to draw penises around potholes in his neighbourhood.

Within 48 hours, the authorities had fixed all the potholes.

But we all know that African politicians are a far cry from their European counterparts.

They are resilient in not taking action even when their citizens revolt against them.

This is not happening in a certain rural town, this in Accra, the capital of the Republic of Ghana.


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