Gallery: How Ashesians Watched Black Panther On The Premier Night

Black Panther, the first ever African superhero is definitely making waves in the media, and in the press. On the day of the premiere, 16th February 2018, Ashesians were privileged to screen the movie on campus, courtesy of Silverbird Cinemas.

Here is how the premiere went down:

The Entertainment Committee putting things in order for the premiere

The queue was definitely long and filled with excited people waiting to watch the legendary movie

Generated QR codes were scanned at the checkpoint before students were admitted into Norton-Motulsky Hall

Silverbird Cinemas brought in their projectors to screen the movie

Some Ashesi students represented Africa by wearing African clothing


Some students also enjoyed taking pictures with the Black Panther backdrop

Popcorn and drinks to munch on during the screening of the movie

Photo Credit: Wayne Gakuo and Michael Quansah


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