ASHESI: Decathlon Ghana Transforms Campus Into A Sports Complex

On Wednesday 21st February, Ashesi was excited to have Decathlon Ghana embrace campus with sports equipment, transforming the campus into a mini sports complex.

Students, as well as faculty engaged in games such as badminton, and table tennis. The boys who wanted to prove to the girls that their muscle game is on went in for the weight-lifting.

Other students went in for bicycle rides, as well as skating. The exciting part of it all was… Decathlon Ghana had on sale sports gears and shoes at affordable prices and discounts.

Below is how the day went down.

Some students playing badminton

Some students playing tennis

Some students and faculty shopping from Decathlon Ghana, whilst others enjoyed some skating, scootering, and bicycling.

Some boys lifting weights

Some students playing football

Decathlon Ghana, thank you for adding some healthy factor into our daily routine. Let’s do this one more time.


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