Fella And Efia Odo Are In A Feud; And Guess Who Third Wheeled In This Love Affair

2018 came with so much drama that Ghana is not ready for, charrleyyyy!

Here is a little explainer on the Fella Makafui and Efia Odo’s feud.

Yesterday, Efia posted a snap dissing Fella Makafui and releasing major keys about her sleeping with wealthy men for money, making us believe that the movie industry doesn’t pay as much for Fella Makafui to have been able to establish her wealth, which includes her Wine and Liquor Shop at East Legon. Efia even went on to preach that her once close friend cannot be claiming God’s blessings when all she has, which includes the brand new car she got December last year, were acquired through gifts from the ‘devil’. She even made it clear to the YOLO actress, whom she referred to as a “small girl”, not to even dare come at her or mention her name or else she will release even more keys. heated!


Kuulpeeps, you won’t even believe what triggered all the wahala- Ebony’s one-week celebration ooo!

It’s just brain borsting to Efia that human being attended a one-week celebration and make a photoshoot out of it. According to Efia Odo, Fella Makafui was consistently trashing her friend (Ebony) when she was alive only for her to be present at her one-week celebration just to create an impression to the public that they were friends when in actual sense, she was talking badly of her reputation behind her back. But what pushed the matter from frying pan to fire is Efia’s statement: “Deborah go catch you ok I’m done”.

It is alleged that among all the wealthy men that Fella has been visiting privately, Sister Deborah’s boyfriend is one of them. oh yes, Fella Makafui has been accused of sleeping with Medikal.

That statement pissed Sister Afia off. She also didn’t spare Efia Odo when she came on her snap with her Kalypo drink to throw shots at Efia Odo for coming at Medikal and a friend of her friend, Fella.

Then Sister Afia also warned Efia Odo that she will also release her keys to the public after proclaiming that Efia Odo is an international ‘hoe’ for sleeping with men in Ghana, London and even Jamaica on a ‘free bonto’ basis. Ebeii!

Sister Afia also shamed Efia for saying that she has been saved by God when her story is out there that she stole GHS 400 from a man. Sister Afia warned her Odo not to be blabbing about her friend’s success (Fella Makafui) when she is living in an unpainted house.

Kuulpeeps, the stories from this feud alone is endless.

issokay…..your ears dey sweet you papa!


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