The Academic Committee Launches Coding Plagiarism Week


Hello Kuulpeeps Ashesi,

We are in the second week of Antiplagiarism Awareness☺. Coding Plagiarism Week begins today, and things have been switched up☺. This week, we’re talking about coding plagiarism from the perspectives of faculty and students like us. Prepare to see three exciting and informative videos about the different aspects of coding plagiarism we will be discussing this week.

In addition, there’ll be competitions running this week from today until next Wednesday. The Academic Committee representatives will send out a code problem to be solved. The first person to solve it gets a really nice prize from the Academic Committee.

Keep your eyes on alert for this one!

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So, without further ado, the Academic Committee presents to you, Episode 1: “What is Coding Plagiarism” by Dr. Ayorkor Korsah and Delasie Fumey of the Class of 2019.


And the first CODE PROBLEM of the week!

Video Link:


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