Racism In Ghana: Ghanaians Share Their Stories After An Alleged Racist Incident At Smoke And Barrel


Recently, there has been a real heightened sense of black power and excellence.

There has been a renewed sense of the power of the black man, but sadly that does not mean it has completely ended racism.

Countless multinational brands have had to either apologize or withdraw a whole product line because they were deemed to be racist or attempted to denigrate black people.

Case in point is the Nivea billboard incident and the H & M situation as well.

Kay Maafo, on Twitter, sent a tweet last Saturday about an alleged racist incident that occurred at Smoke and Barrel located at Labone.

“Ago Smoke and Barrel for Labone yesterday the manager say black people no dey sit this area so ah just lef aye chale,” he said on Twitter.


Since that tweet went up, it started a whole conversation on racism against Ghanaians in our own country. Others also shared instances where they felt White people were given preferential treatment by fellow Ghanaians or other white people in Ghana.


As Ghanaians started narrating their own stories, someone tweeting with the account handle @snbaccra claiming to be the Manager of Smoke And Grill tried using Public Relations to do damage control and get to the bottom of the issue.

However, Kay Maafo didn’t seem to be keen on following up on the issue



Kay Maafo decided to stop following up with the case because a supposed former employee of  Smoke and Barrel kept denying Maafo’s claims.


Always say no to racism.



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