Get A Sneak Peek Into What Was Kaakie And Ebony’s Friendship


It was no secret that one of the avid supporters of the late dancehall artist Ebony Reigns is fellow dancehall artist Kaakie.

The “Too much” hitmaker has been using her social media platform to hype Ebony’s events and music.

The two seemed to have had a genuine friendship which was very special because Ebony had gone on record to praise Kaakie, claiming that she looked up to Kaakie.

Since Ebony Reigns passed in a gory car accident alongside two others – Franky Kuri and Francis Atsu Vondee, Kaakie has been grieving her friend on social media.

Yesterday, she shared a screenshot of a chat with Ebony where the deceased dancehall artiste teased Kaakie of her poor dance moves.

“Teasing Moments… Dear Ebony, am still terrible at dancing but at least I was learning from you and I enjoyed the fact that u mocked my dance. It gives me satisfaction that I appreciated you and was so proud of you whilst you were alive. WILL FOREVER STAY A FAN❤❤ My QUEEN. #friend #lilSister #DanceHallQUEEN #EBONY #AtLeastyouBelievedInMe🤗 #THANKYOU😘😭” Kaakie said.

RIP Ebony Reigns.



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