Frat House: Which Fraternity Do You Belong To


We know how you Kuulpeeps in Legon can’t wait for the Pent Hall Week Celebration.

Just as we’re waiting for the celebrations, Echo House is keeping the best for last in the form of…

Frat House!

Get ready to party your whole body out on the 2nd of March!

But before all that mad fun on the 2nd, can you identify yourself with any of these Fraternities?

Alpha Xi

This fraternity basically stands for confident peeps. Peeps that are well known for pulling all the pressure on campus.

Beta Eta

These guys are the true life of the party! They show up in their numbers and really have fun on the dance floor.

Delta Pi 

These guys never have empty cups at a party. They never roll alone. They’re always a couple.

Omega Mu

These guys sing along to every song at the party. They’re always in the mood and you’ll find them in every picture taken at the party.

Gamma Zeta

These guys are never sober, they’re always on some different altitude.

Which Frat do you belong to?

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