Start Your Week Right, Let’s Show You How

Going through your various lectures and activities can be stressful. Couple that with other social activities and you’d be left crippling under stress.

Worry not! Here’s how you can move through the week with less hassle.

Positive mindset

Absolutely nothing beats a positive mindset. You should be determined to “fight”  your way out of every week and ready to face all planned tasks and surprises head-on. With a positive mindset, half the task is done.

To-do list

We’re all for spontaneity but planning your weekly and daily activities is essential. Going through your week with a list of tasks and activities to perform not only makes it easier but your whole week less stressful.

Productivity playlist

Never underestimate the power of music. Productivity playlists are sure ways of easing your way through the week. Make a playlist of bops, jams and bangers which will make that jog, laundry or typing easier.

Personal time

You deserve to relax. Somewhere midweek, reserve some time for yourself to regain your strength and reflect on your activities both completed and the ones yet to be done. Don’t do anything….just have a YOU time.

Ask for help when you need it

There’s no harm in asking for help from others. When you’re stuck on an activity, just give that friend, family or course mate a call.


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