Mini Skirts, Crazy Jeans, Males Plaiting Their Hair And 7 Other Things The Methodist University SRC Has Banned

Methodist University College Ghana

Towards the end of last semester, we saw quite a number of notices indicating that there were going to be new rules effective this semester.

There were all kinds of reactions to it. People felt there were more pressing needs to be dealt with than these rules to be laid out by the SRC disciplinary committee.

Others felt it was for the good of the school since it is built on Christian principles.

Then boom, school resumes and we see all forms of flyers around depicting dress code for students.

The SRC has banned skirts above the knees, tight-fitting dresses, hair plaiting by male students, crazy jeans.

Others include male students wearing earrings, noisemaking, drunkenness, smoking and general indecency.

Methodist University College Ghana

This has raised both negative and positive comments from students.Methodist University College Ghana

All the same, it looks like some of the students will have to change their wardrobe and others are also getting prepared to match the SRC ‘boot for boot’ on these new guidelines.


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