Meet Rev William Garr, The New Headmaster Of Accra Academy

Hello Bleoobii, did you know that your school has a new headmaster who’s also an old boy?

His name is Rev William Garr and we had a very short conversation with him just to introduce him to you all.


Kuulpeeps: Can you please introduce yourself to all Bleoobii out there?

RWG: My name is Rev William Garr and I’m an old boy of Accra Academy (78-year group). Aside from being the current Accra Academy headmaster, I’m also a minister of God.

Kuulpeeps: For how long have you been in the education sector?

RWG: I started teaching in 1981 at Wesley Grammar Senior High School right after my diploma. I later went in to do my first degree at the University of Education Winneba, where I also had my MPhil. I was then transferred to Labone Senior High where I served as an Assitant Headmaster. I was later promoted and appointed Headmaster of O’Reilly Senior High School for 2 years. In August 2017, I was finally transferred to head Accra Academy.

Kuulpeeps: You’ve been a part of this school for a very long time. Can you share with us some old memories?

RWG: This school has always been like home for me. During my time, the student population wasn’t that huge. Also, there was order and respect for authority in the school. The way we respected our prefects and seniors was exceptional.

Kuulpeeps: When you first returned to Accra Academy as its new Headmaster, where was the first place you visited on campus?

RWG: Obviously, I went to my new office, but right after that, the other place I visited was the halls. I realized that there were three new halls and I must say I wasn’t so happy at the state in which the old dormitories were. The school is currently putting measures in place to change that situation.


Kuulpeeps: Talking about the state of the dormitories, has there been any other changes in the school?

RWG: Yes, there has been a lot of changes in the school. As I mentioned earlier, the number of students has increased. Also, there has been a change in infrastructure; there are more classroom blocks now, the area which is now the parade square used to be very bushy, but now you can see how it has been transformed. I would say my predecessors have done a good job.

Kuulpeeps: What’s your general relationship with the students like?

RWG: I haven’t been here for so long but I’d say my relationship with the students has been great. Sometimes, I go to the classrooms to talk to them. Even though most of them think I’m very strict, our relationship has been good.

Kuulpeeps: What would you say you like about Accra Academy?

RWG: Unity. You have no idea how united Academicians are. You always have that sense of belongingness when you’re an old boy. For instance, I was so surprised on the number of old boys that called to congratulate me when I was appointed headmaster. My picture was all over social media. They were so glad an old boy was finally going to head the school.

Kuulpeeps: You have talked about the current bad state of the dormitories, are there any other challenges the school is facing?

RWG: There’re a couple of challenges the school is currently facing but let’s talk about the number of bungalows for the teachers. I can say the number of bungalows has barely increased from my time here as a student. That’s one challenge that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Kuulpeeps: To sum things up, what would you want to be remembered for when your work here is done?

RWG: There’s one thing that I’m usually known for and that is instilling discipline and order. I’d like to leave that mark here and I would also like to raise the academic performance of the school.


As a reverend minister, Rev Garr believes students should have the benefit of a spiritual upbringing. In relation to that, the school had a retreat which wasn’t compulsory. He stated that measures like this would be put in place to help bring up students in a Godly manner.

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