Check Out This Touching Valentine’s Day Message From Yvonne Nelson’s Baby Daddy

Yvonne Nelson

Valentine’s Day is over and we are now gossiping to you about everything people did yesterday.

You’ve got to read this touching message Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts sent to her.

Yvonne Nelson

The two didn’t need Valentine’s Day to love it up on social media, but since February the 14th brought itself, Jamie took advantage of it and turned the social media PDA up a notch.

“Where do I start? Being the luckiest man alive, it’s a lot of pressure to put into words JUST how happy I am to be me right now. But here goes. Since I met you we’ve shared some of the greatest moments of our lives. You’ve made me happier than I’d been made to believe was possible,” Jamie said on Instagram.

“You inspire me in too many ways to count, but your strength is what defines you, your strength has even guided me if I’ve needed it.”

Y’all remember when people kept saying that Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy was actually married to a Nigerian?

Yvonne Nelson

Yeah, Jamie said all those allegations were “dirty viruses.”

He said, “when those pathetic dirty viruses have tried to attack what we have, you’ve been the mother of all firewalls, you are unflinching.”

Yvonne Nelson

Then he went on to thank Yvonne for choosing him over everybody else.

“Thank you for being the best partner and mother to our daughter. With Intelligence, sense of humour, talent, love, kindness, caring all in abundance?.. @rynroberts has been truly blessed to be able to call you mummy.”

Yvonne Nelson

“Oh yeah… then there’s the small matter of fact that you happen to be HOT AS FU*K! 😅.. with that billion dollar smile and legs for centuries… I gotta pinch myself.. every. single. day. Thank you for ALL that you do.”

Yvonne Nelson

Then he ended with “Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful “firewall” @yvonnenelsongh 🙏🏼 From the luckiest man alive. ❤”


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