How Ashesians Celebrated Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is celebrated by people all over the world on the 14th of February every year. This year, Ashesians decided to join in the fun. The theme was dubbed “Wellness Wednesday”. It was a fun day packed with lots of fun activities.

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Activities included the following:

Students, Staff and Faculty had their names on heart-shaped colour papers. These were hanged all over campus. So you had to hunt for your name, and send it to the Entertainment Committee (EC) stand for a price.



Love tic tac toe. All you had to do was guess who your crush is and win a flower-filled chocolate

Free hugs and selfies




The Waffle and Dabble Team delivering cap cake orders

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There were also fruits on sale, as well as fruit drinks, and sandwiches. Free massages were offered at the health centre throughout the day.

Ashesi let’s make history one more time next year.

#ValAsh18 #LoveOnTheHill


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