Meet The Guy Who Has Tattooed Shatta Wale’s Image On His Chest

Shatta Wale

Micheal Jackson had fans that would faint whenever they saw him.

It has been reported that the rapper, Drake has tattooed Denzel Washington’s image on his body.

When you come to Ghana, Shatta Wale also has a fan who is that crazy about him.

You know, everybody in the Shatta Movement is crazy about the dancehall artiste but Wizla Finito has taken his admiration of Shatta Wale to a whole new level.

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This United Kingdom based Ghanaian has tattooed Shata Wale onto his chest.

No, he is not doing it to gain monetary favors from Shatta Wale.

In fact, he has rejected money that Shatta Wale was freely gifting it to him.

“I met you in London, and your words alone on our first meeting,… I felt I have met a bloodline brother(SM),” Shatta Wale said on Facebook.

“I tried to give u 300pounds and you said and I quote ”King I beg you, I’m not following you because of money.4lyf is 4lyf…I’m just doing my duties as your loyal soldier”. I now understand where you stand in my life ..Wizla Wizla Finito I love you 4LYF..💪🏿🙏👑👑👑,” Shatta Wale continued.

Yes, people show their love in various ways.

Finito says he will die with Shatta Wale’s name written in his heart and that “I’m with you till the end of time King, no matter, whatever happens, I will die with your name written in my heart. 4Lyfe is 4Lyfe King. SM Till Casket close 👑❤🔥🌍💪🙏.”

You know, when people say till death do us part on their wedding day – this is that same vow, but on steroids.

Finito lives in London, United Kingdon. He is originally from Akwatia in the Eastern Region.

According to his Facebook profile, he studied at the University Centre Croydon which is located in Croydon, within the London Borough of Croydon.

Finito is just the ultimate fan every musician needs.


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