Make Your Valentine A “Fitlentine”

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Val’s Day is here again, whether you believe in it or not isn’t the question, the question is “what are you gon do?”

Our ladies, who aren’t gnashing have their fingers crossed and the guys? The least said the better.

We all know most Ghanaian boys aren’t romantic! Na lie??? If you are a guy, this article should be a second bible for Val’s day and if you are a girl, well read on and prove me right!!

What better way to celebrate the day than by being active, let’s gear on with our Val’s Day chronicles!

An early morning jog

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Start the day with a light walk and gradually ease into a jog, the early morning air will leave you invigorated and refreshed for your day ahead.

Breakfast in bed

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If you don’t like the idea of an early morning jog, you could wake up and prepare breakfast. Include lots of fruits, veggies and wholemeal ingredients. Yummy right?

Go on a bike ride

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Take an extra step and go on a bike ride with your dangerously handsome Mister or your sexy diva. Feeling extra adventurous? How about taking an unfamiliar route? The bike ride will ensure you get a full body work out, have a few laughs and steal a kiss or two in an unfamiliar territory, wink.

Get a massage

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Book a spa for a massage, pedicure or manicure for the two of you ( don’t bring out your Alpha Male by saying men don’t need pedicures or manicures) The massage will loosen up all tense muscles, improve circulation and sleep while keeping you relaxed.

Cook together

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So basic right? Bet you didn’t know it was fun too, set aside time to go shopping and cook your favourite healthy meals together. Instead of buying that smoothie or salad, relive what you see in movies( throw food each other and splash some water around but watch out if she has a weave, you will be paying for it soon!!)

Workout together

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Take her to her favourite workout class or invite him to yours, either way, it’s a win-win!!…Dance and sweat to some dance-aerobic tunes or some afrobeat hits. Take this a step further and attend a kizumba class, yes! Salsa your night away.

At any rate, every day should be Val’s day…Hope these ideas help you out!

Have a Happy Val’s day Loves!

Submitted by FitZone Limited Gh

FitZone is a fitness outfit that provides you with health and fitness information. They also sell all kinds of supplements that you will need during a fitness journey.

You can contact them via email at [email protected] or call them on 0559857565

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