Different Types Of Gnashers And How They Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day Too

Another February 14th has rolled around but still not all of us have the fortune of having a bae/boo. These are 9 alternate ways we singles (or gnashers) can spend this valentine’s day.

1. THE CUDDLERS: all you need is to be held so you have no real problems. Take a trip to the mall and invest in an oversized teddy bear. The good news is that you will still have your cuddle buddy after the 14th but many relationships will end that night (wink)

2. THE FOODIES: if the only reason you’re sad is that there is no bae to get you food then say no more. For the girls in love with cooking bust out your pans and show off your skills. Take comfort in the fact that your food tastes better than what some people are going out to buy. Those in need of comfort food please know that Sandra’s ice cream (not fanice), Doughman’s donuts, Kfc bucket chicken and chocolates are there for you (to buy).

3. THE PAMPERERS: all you need is some TLC (tender loving care) so take yourself out. If you can stomach the PDA’s then go to the movies or go out to eat but if you can’t the spa will do. The spa will give your body more attention than some “friendzone” relashionships are getting.

4. LAZYBONES: you loooove sleep and the best part is you don’t pay a dime for it. If you have no class you’ve hit the jackpot, sleep for 24 hours and when you wake up this will aaall be over.

5. THE CRIERS: you shot your shot diligently, dressed extra for that boy or showed extra attention to that girl and still got curved so you are ‘moved to tears’. Find a corner and let it all out. Who knows, 2019 might be your time to shine.

6. SOCIAL MEDIA MOGUL: do it for the snap (or gram) is your motto. You just want a cool picture for instagram so dress up nicely and take those hot vals day pictures with props (wine or gifts you bought yourself). You may not have a date but your followers don’t know that. All that matters are the likes right?

7. TEAM VULTURE: When people are struggling for good relationships you don’t care because you have plans. You don’t have a date but who cares when you can ruin another relationships and steal the guy/girl as long as you have the means. You don’t feel too bad about it because most breakups happen after valentine’s day anyway. We pray you don’t get beaten or cursed one day tho.

8. BESTIE GROUPS: you’re in a group of friends and somehow you’re all single on valentine’s day. No worries take yourselves out or just hang out together and have fun. You will get better gist than most couples from your hommies and at least you won’t be alone.

9. THE HARDGUY: valen-what? It’s either a normal day for you or you just don’t care so you don’t understand why people are crazy about spending money when the economy is hard. You do two things on this day save money and start preparing the sub you’re going to deliver on November 14th when valentine’s day results are out.

If you don’t have a category pray long and hard. The 14th is still days away and miracles can still happen right?


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