Check Out Love Message The CEO Of Zylofon Media Nana Appiah Mensah Sent To His Wife

Nana Appiah Mensah

Yeah, it’s the 14th of February and looooooooooovvvvvvveeeeee is in the air.

If you are feeling the love, then you might want to show some act of kindness towards someone and let that person feel loved.

Let’s spread the love and make the Vals day, the good deed day.

If your friend is gnashing, you should bring in your Good Deed Day vibes and not tease him or her, but try and hook the person up.

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But someone who wouldn’t need you to hook him up is Zylofon Media CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah.

He has been loving up his wife, Rozy on social media all day.

He has been flaunting his wife all day.

Happy Val’s day baby.💕💕💕💕

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In one post, he called her his prayer tower and wished her a “Happy Chocolate day love🌹🌹🌹#myprayertower.”

Happy Chocolate day love🌹🌹🌹#myprayertower

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Later, he sent Rozy a loving message of appreciation on Instagram.

“Happy 🌹🌹Rozy’s🌹🌹day! Thank you so much baby for making me the man of my dreams. Well done! I hope I’m not causing you too many heartaches?😔. Lay all out burdens unto Jehovah. Love you, Timeless!💕💕💕🙌,” he said.

When love is at your doorstep.


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