10 Places On Legon Campus You Can Go And ‘Chop’ Love With Bae

Young couple campus

Imagine you go visit bae and you want to feel free to talk and cuddle and act all lovey dovey but that evil roommate is around and keeps giving you the evil eye.

Don’t worry…

Take a long walk, “Chork” in these places and have deep convos that will make her or him, fall in love with you all over again.

Commonwealth Streets


The fountain area right in front of the Balme Library 

Young couple campus

Balme Library Stairs 

Law school car park

Law school couple

Law school, couple

Athletic Oval

Athletic Oval Legon Young couple

Central Cafeteria Stairs

Young couple

Lovers benches in the halls

Young’s couple campus

The Quadrangle as you head towards N block and NNB

Legon couple

Legon campus couple

Social Work Gardens

Campus couple legon

Sociology Department

Young couple campus

Nursing School

Couple campus Legon

Tip for Guys: Don’t grab a jacket. When she’s cold, you can take a seat and wrap your gentlemanly arms around her.

Now because we love that you’re about to up your love game, take a screenshot of any of these potential love spots, post on Instagram and be sure to tag and follow @Kuulpeepslegon @WaveAfriQ  and @bae.kloding to stand a chance of winning something from Bae Clothing and WaveAfriq!!!



photo credit: JnM Photography and Joshua Duneebon  



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