Tips On How To Grab A Girl On Campus In Time For Valentine’s Day

Love, Kiss

Charley Kuulpeeps, what’s up for this Val’s day?
Congrats to those who are going to spend it with their S/Os (significant others) booed up. Now, special shoutouts to the gnashers who haven’t been able to shoot their shots with their crushes and whatnots. Don’t panic. We bring you good tidings with some tips and tricks for Valentine’s season on how to get a date for Val’s day. Interested? Then read on…

Get this, moving to a girl can happen anywhere and at any time. But how well do you take advantage of all the endless opportunities fate grants you to grab a girl?
Let’s break it down…

When you meet your crush or a fine lady in a shuttle, scoot over to her and engage her in a conversation and increase your chances by making her laugh. But remember that one too is an art on its own. Just be sure not to spook her. Give up your seat for her when you see her standing in the shuttle. And with the increase in shuttle fare imagine the points you’d gain when you pay for her.

Now just when she’s about to get off,  Don’t ask for her number! Instead, ask for her IG, Twitter or Snapchat handle. E-mail saf but definitely not her number cos she’d flee. You could leave something on your seat when you’re alighting and hope she finds a way to locate you and return it, from there you could use your indebtedness to ahosh her, but let’s be honest, that’s risky, she may not be bothered and you’d never see her again.

If you try this and you’re bounced, move on! The lecture halls too are there. That’s another chance to talk to that course mate you’ve been admiring from afar. It’s just that this time, instead of sitting behind and admiring her neck or hair, sit by her and chat with her or laugh at the lecturers jokes and all.

Take her book for notes because that’s a great way to take her number too and even offer to walk her to her hall if she is in the traditional halls. You can do the extra and pay for a taxi for her and her friends if she’s at the diaspora. Remember, you’re shooting your shot so go big or go home.

You can take it further by hitting her up in her ‘pms’ from your class groups. Be certain about her number though, you won’t want to hit the wrong person up and end up having an awkward conversation with them.

Offer to help with her assignment when you see her complain about it in your class group, show her how smart you are, even if that’s not entirely the Don’t show up unprepared, bruh! stack up on some knowledge and bost her brain. Smart is the new handsome.

Now, if what you’re interested in is a beloved sistren in Christ you know where to look, the church or Sarbah field. You see that usher or praises and worship leader you’ve been spying, yes that one! figure out a way to sit by her, then probably share her Bible with her. Better still you could compliment her after church and offer to walk her to her hall while you take that opportunity to get to know her. Invite her to the Sarbah field to pray with you or accompany her there when you get the hint that she’ll be going there. “Cabay” your way into her heart!

Finally, if you think you are confident and sexy enough, you know what to do… *wogye Obi girl aaa ne d3!*

If it all goes well then you’d have yourself a date for Val’s day but if not then w’etwa wrong meat and better luck to you the next time.
But for now, why not try these out and let us know how it goes.


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