Bleoobii Who Are Social Media Influencers

Just like any other school, there are some alumni of Accra Aca who are well known on social media.

Here are some great social media handles you can follow, if you want to promote the Bleoo brand.

Kwame Winks – Facebook

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

@nii_marley – Twitter (Social Media Influncer)

brightackwerh – IG (Artist)

zackie_tlk – IG (3D Artist)

awesomecurtis – Twitter/IG (Celebrity Photographer)

Dj_smokey001 – IG (Artist DJ)

dee_twist – IG (Video Director at Zone 36)

_takor_ – Twitter (Social Media Accounts Manager)

rogue_lens IG (Photographer)

biqomusic – IG (Musician)

1kanto_ – IG (Model)

mr_larmie – IG


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