Meet Hajia, An Old Food Vendor At Accra Academy

Fellow Bleoobii, as part of our High School of the Month celebration, we linked up with a woman you’d be so happy to see again.

She’s no other than the famous Hajia.

For those of us who don’t know who Hajia is, she’s a very popular food vendor in Accra Aca who has served so many students over the years.

Kuulpeeps: Hello Hajia, we’re from Kuulpeeps and we’re celebrating Accra Aca this month. As part of our celebration, we decided to have a short conversation with you.

Hajia: Hello, my children, I’m glad and honoured you chose to talk to me. Anyway, before we start with our conversation, let me serve you some of my delicious food.

Hajia served us some jollof rice right before we had our convo with her.

Kuulpeeps: Thanks for the food Hajia, it was very nice. Can you now please tell us something about yourself?

Hajia: Everybody here calls me Hajia and I’ve been part of this noble institution for a very long time.

Kuulpeeps: Can you please tell us how long you’ve been here?

Hajia: I can’t recall the exact date, but I’ve been here for over 20 years.

Kuulpeeps: That’s indeed a long time Hajia. Have you been selling the same food all these years?

Hajia: Yes, please. It has always been Jollof, Waakye, and Plain Rice.

Kuulpeeps: We can testify that your food is good, is there anyone else who can agree with us apart from the boys you currently serve?

Hajia: So many old boys would agree to what you just said. I served the likes of  Randy Abbey, Bola Ray, and even Asamoah Gyan.

Kuulpeeps: We have a lot of students at your stand, is there a reason why a lot of boys buy from you?

Hajia: Apart from the fact that my food is good, it is also very affordable. With as low as GHC 2 you can enjoy a meal from my stand.

Kuulpeeps: You’ve been here for a very long time, has there been any major changes in the school?

Hajia: There has been a lot of changes in the school. We used to sell under trees but now, as you can see we have a very nice canteen.

Kuulpeeps: Would you say Accra Aca has helped you in any way?

Hajia: Yes, it has, in so many ways. Not only did the school give me a chance to sell here, it also helped train two of my sons who are old boys.

Kuulpeeps: Talking about help, a little bird told us you’ve helped pay the fees of some of these boys, how true is that?

Hajia: It is very true. I am a parent and I’ve been through hardship, I also know how it feels when your child is sacked from school because of fees. So I try my best to help some of these boys who need help.

Kuulpeeps: That is so nice of you Hajia, is there anything else you would like to add?

Hajia: I would like to thank the school authorities, especially Mr. Freeman. I would also like to use your platform to say hi to all the old boys I served, “You guys should pay me a visit sometime.”

Kuulpeeps: It was nice talking to you Hajia, we hope you have a nice day and may Allah continue to bless you.

Hajia: Thank you too.



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