Meet Easy, The Most Popular Teacher At Accra Academy

As we all know, Accra Academy or “Accra Aca” for short, is our High School of the Month this February.

In view of this, we visited the school and had a conversation with an old boy who was in Awuletey Hall.

This old boy goes by the name Easy and is currently the most popular teacher at Accra Aca.

MA: My name is Michael Agyiri and I’m popularly known as Easy. I’m an old Accra Academy boy and I completed in 1998. I studied Integrated Science during my time here.

Kuulpeeps: Why does everyone call you Easy?

MA: I’m called Easy because everything is easy for me. I’m the original easy, everyone knows that. Also, I’m very popular because of my sociable nature, all the students here like me.

Kuulpeeps: How long have you been here?

MA: I actually did my National Service here in Accra Academy, but I officially started teaching here in 2010. I teach Integrated Science.

Kuulpeeps: Have there been any major changes in the school since your time as a student?

MA: There have been lots of changes in the school. Even the student nicknames have changed.

Kuulpeeps: Can you share some of these changes with us?

MA: First of all, the student population has increased. There has been an increase in the number of halls. The dining hall is way bigger now and the science lab has been improved. Also, as I said earlier, we used to have nicknames like Sewayway, Anyapopo, Abaa Shele and so on, but now, the nicknames are common names.

Kuulpeeps: You have been both a student and a teacher here, which one have you enjoyed the most?

MA: I would say being a student in Accra Academy was a very nice experience, but I’ve enjoyed my time as a teacher the most. The students here make me happy. I can boldly tell you that I don’t come to work because of my salary. I come here every day because of the students; they really make me happy.

MA: What’s your view on the school?

Kuulpeeps: Accra Aca is the best school in Ghana when it comes to academics. The school is very popular among foreigners because of the quality of education here and also because it is easy to identify due to the name ‘Accra.’

Easy also shared his view on the importance of a single-sex school and he mentioned that his own children would have the same form of secondary education that he had.



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