Legon:Machomen!! Here’s What You Need To Know About The Pent Hall Week’s “Bɔlεεros” Machomanday

Body builder

Charley!!! Macho men this is just for you.

Abi you know dada, the Pent Hall Week dubbed ‘Afrocentrix’ is happening in a few weeks and as part of the Hall Week, there’s going to be an activity called the “Bɔlεεros” Machomanday.

Machomanday flier

Machomanday is a strength and physique competition where contestants compete in strength games and also show off their hard-earned muscles.

There are going to be two events: power-lifting and body flex and the strength games for the competition are deadlifts, bench press, squats and tyre flip. It’s not going to be easy kraaa, so you have to come fully prepared and ready to endure the pain that comes with it.

As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. If you are going to go through pain, then you definitely have to gain something. Here’s what you are going to get for participating…

All contestants are going to get certificates for competing. Aside the certificates, supplements, medals and cash prizes will also be given out. The top three contestants will be presented with gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

Great huh! and all that is required for you to participate is to be a student of any university in the country.

To register, contact this number: 0507205679


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