Be The Amazing Girlfriend This Valentine – Here’s How!

Ladies, you do know Valentine gifts are a two-way street right?

Most times, y’all just leave it to the guys to show their love during the month of love. Well, if you’re looking to score some best girlfriend points… here’s how.

Book him a Vodafone X Insomnia seat

Most guys are ecstatic about the new Black Panther movie and we’re sure your boyfriend is no exception. Well then, here’s one way to hit a JACKPOT on the best girlfriend scale…and it is totally free… Just make sure you use a Vodafone X sim, registered to a monthly bundle and voila!

Host him and his friends 

Host the boyfriend and his buddies to some video games with food. Nothing big, just small chops, of course, a Shandy and maybe some delicious Jollof and watch his friends defend you the next time you have a couple’s spat

Replace an accessory of his

Guys don’t mess with their accessories and most at times, their careless nature gets their stuff spoilt. How about getting him a new earpiece for his iPhone? Or maybe his gamepad?? Or fixing the crack on his phone??

Easy-peasy..lemon breezy right?


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