This Is What Legon Students Think About Accra Academy Boys

Accra Academy

Our High School of this month is the Accra Academy Senior High School and as usual, Legon students had plenty to say about the Bleoo boys!

“Bleoo bois dierr ash…..a..wo fu) nkoaaaa”

Nevison, Commonwealth


“Them dey Gally pass”

Mettle,  Pent

“Bl3oo guys are rowdy. They light fighting.
Bounds breakers ampa.”

Tsene, Commonwealth

“I also heard they ask Bleoo boys to bring cutlasses for interco fights in their prospectus”

Margaret,  Jean Nelson

“They are good in entertainment buh not in academia ” 

“They are rowdy lol but trust me they are fun to be with”

 Bengazy,  Jean Nelson

“Best male SHS”

Kevin,  Non Resident

“They are respectful tho and very romantic”

Irene, Elizabeth Sey

“I think 79% of them know how to shada paa”

Bismark, Legon Hall

“Bleoo bois are mmaap3 killers!! them go dey your top make you accept them by force and they like allo hype”

Isaac, Akuaffo  Hall

“They want to be recognized everywhere they go paa”

Ntim , Limann

“They are really brilliant and they like chop my sis lemme chop your sis”

Nevison, Commonwealth



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