The Military Says Reports That Ebony’s Soldier’s Uniform Will Be Detained For 40 Days Are False

Francis Atsu Vondee, Ebony

The Ghana Armed Forces is not going to penalise marshall France Atsu Vondee and neither has he been sentenced to 40days in the military guardroom.

According to the Ghana Armed Forces, it has not completed its investigation into how Francis Atsu Vondee ended up being Ebony’s bodyguard.

Francis Atsu Vondee, Ebony

In an interview with, the Director of Public Relations at the Ghana Armed Forces, Colonel Eric Aggrey Quarshie urged Ghanaians to disregard what they are reading on social media that the military will detain Francis Vondee’s uniform for 40 days.

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“Late Ebony military guard charged by Ghana Airforce. Information gathered from Burma camp says that the military man who died alongside ebony is an air force Lance corporal. He asked for a sick leave n ended up somewhere else.  He has therefore been court marshalled n sentenced for 40days in the military guardroom on the charge of Absenteeism Without Official Leave (AWOL). In this case, his uniform will be hanged in the guardroom for 40days after which his body be released to the family for burial. In view of this he likely to lose the greater part of his entitlements from the service,” the WhatsApp messages said.

Military, Ebony

Some online media outlets have also picked it up and suggested that it was the military’s official position.

“The military has not issued any statement and we are still investigating how he got to become Ebony’s bodyguard,” the Col Aggrey Quarshie said.

“Though he was on call and he didn’t ask permission to go to Sunyani, we haven’t yet decided on any punitive measures.”

Francis Atsu Vondee, Ebony

“We will issue an official statement at the end of our investigation,” Col Aggrey Quashie told

Francis Atsu served with the Ghana Airforce. He had a rank of a Leading Aircraft Man (that is equivalent to a Lance Corporal in the Army).

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Francis died alongside Ebony and Franky in a gory car accident at Nyamebekyere near Mankranso in the Ahafo Ano South, a district in the Ashanti Region on Thursday.


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