“Guys Come Back! Please” – A Touching Tribute From One Of Ebony’s Stylists

I don’t even know where to begin, I just know that I am waiting for a reply or a call back from you guys. I am waiting to hear the usual “OMG sorry, we were busy” and “Nana left her phone downstairs” excuses so I can be like ‘y’all always fake busy!!

Damn, so you won’t respond to my messages? Ebony, get on the group chat, I sent you a picture of an outfit you would love.

I know that got your attention, cause you are probably thinking I want that iron you borrowed back…lol you can keep it!!!

Just come back guys, please come back, you can’t possibly be gone at this time, there is soo much to do!!

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Remember we were arguing cause you said Ghanaians don’t consider you as a vocalist, they just call you a dancehall artiste and I was like “aaa but you sing like a motherf*ker, your voice gives me chills.”

These people were not ready for you, I am so sorry they didn’t understand you, I am so sorry they talked so falsely about you, judged and condemned you.

They didn’t know that you are (not ‘were’ because you are still here with us) the sweetest, hardworking, compassionate, full of life, GOD fearing young woman they have ever met.

They didn’t know that you are still young, that you are at the age where you are discovering yourself through art. That you are living your dream, my sweet baby.

But your real fans, the people that know you, we know the real truth, we know you are not what these people say about you. We are blessed to have been in your presence. They took you from us but you are forever with us. Reign forever!!

Comeeeeeee on!!!  (in your voice) Franky oo Franky, the greatest ‘hype man’ I know, who will hype things now?

Franky, you were doing soo great. I will return your watch if you promise to come back please, things were just getting better for you!!.

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There is so much I wanna say but my heart is broken. I can’t say anymore but just come back. I am going to stop by again today, maybe y’all little big head a*ses will open the gate this time.

I just know I am going to miss you guys dearly, oo guys, how, how are you guys gone?

I’m waiting, come back, please. Call me back, yoooo I told you just call me back!

Your impact will be truly missed, but it can never be replaced. I love you guys!!! Forever.


lol, oo remember this day? lol, so much fun. I was like “why you always gonna be extra and if you get the fish smell on this shirt we will be fighting lol”.

Remember your little dressing room and how all the little kids were following you around? They were so excited to be in the video and around you. Lol…

DAMN, I’m never gonna see y’all again smh. I’m f*cked up over this…


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