Check Out Floyd Mayweather’s $30,000 Crystal Glass Table Tennis Board


When Kempinski Hotel published a $10,000 Valentine’s Day offer, Ghana social media platform went ablaze.

Now, as the saying goes, money makes the world go round.

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Boxer, Floyd Mayweather has spent $30,000 (GHS 133,200.00) on a table tennis board.

Yes, the board and net on which we play the table tennis game that Americans call Ping Pong.

In Ghana, a normal Table Tennis board goes for GHS 2,000.

But if you are Floyd Mayweather, who has been nicknamed “Money”, then a regular table tennis board doesn’t go with the brand.

Mayweather Table Tennis, ping pong

You know how it goes, if you’ve got it, then you’ve got to blow it!


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