20 Best Tweets From The Week

Hmmmmm!! Ebony just left us and we are very sad, Kuulpeeps. But we’ve got these tweets to help all of us cheer up just a little bit.

1. This got us!!

2.  Spies everywhere

3. How true is this??


4. People just fork up 😂

5. No nudity 2018!

6. Curvedddddddddddd

7. Dumsor reloaded!!


8. Smart move 😂

9. Everybody make wild

10. What if??


11. No more bla or bra!

13. Boys abr3

14.  Fry like chicken paa!!

15. Berla Mundi taya!!

16. Fear Nigerians

17. Vodafone dey mess up these days!

18. Lmao

19. Your MCM failed biology!! 


20. We were wondering too?




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