False Legon UGRC Registration Rumours Are Not Associated To Citizen Sly In Any Way


At this point everyone’s probably seen this message already:

“Students are being informed that the UGRC link that is currently out on the university of Ghana home page is a mistake and students should desist from registering. The correct link would be uploaded on Monday. This is as a result of the lecture periods not favouring most of the lecturers available and Hence the need to make the needed corrections. Students who have registered already are adviced to go and cancel it as it would cost them their registration should they fail to cancel. Further details would be communicated to students when the need arises.”

One thing we also noticed was that the message was powered by Citizen Sly, one of the SRC aspirants.


Kuulpeeps.com did some research and reached out to the aspirant, it turns out the message is not only false but not from the Citizen Sly team.

The SRC aspirant believes it’s probably a ploy by one of his contenders to discredit himself and his team. Students are to go ahead with their UGRC registration and if it’s taking too long, calm down, it’s just the site that’s jammed because a lot of students are trying to get on.

Register here.


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