Check Out The Two Things Ebony Said She Couldn’t Live Without


It came to all of us as a shock. If you heard someone say “Ebony is dead”, your first reaction would have been “Which Ebony?”

If you first saw it online, you would have assumed that it was one of those click baits by blogs to get views.

But as the seconds give way to minutes and as the minutes count into hours, it is sinking in that Ebony Reigns is really gone.

She loved music, and those who loved her music also accommodated her, no matter what was said or written about her.

Four days ago, she revealed a little bit of herself to her fans.

“Two things I can’t live without; Music and dance💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾,” she tweeted to her 30.9K followers.

In her last moments, she spent time with her family. Eating Jollof, making jokes and having fun.

We hope she finds peace wherever she is now.


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