Big Shaq’s “Mans Not Hot” Has Reached 200+ Million Views On YouTube

michael dapaah

The 2017 sensation, “Mans Not Hot” has reached more than 200 million views on video streaming site YouTube.

This is one piece of good news that brightens a rather dim black Friday.

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UK based Ghanaian musician, Michael Dapaah, known in entertainment circles as Big Shaq shared the good news with his fans.

mans not hot

“200+ Million views On ‘Mans Not Hot’ and counting 🎉. It’s not slowing down. I’m very grateful for all the love you guys continue to show! #RealDapaahs… I’ve got a lot of great stuff coming for you guys! So stay tuned! New year new wins 💪🏾,” he said in an Instagram post.

The video also has 3 million likes on YouTube.

It’s still agenda Ghana to the world! Let’s add more views…


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