Akwasi Frimpong Raises Ghana’s Flag To The World As We Mourn Ebony

Akwasi Frimpong

Today has been a black Friday, after the passing of 90 bad byal, Ebony Reigns.

There is sadness in the air and the mood has been too dark.

In our attempt to raise your spirits up a little bit, we are going to update you on Akwasi Frimpong’s exploits in South Korea as he represents Ghana in the Winter Olympics.

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Akwasi Frimpong is Ghana’s sole representative at PyeongChang. He is a Skeleton athlete who will raise our hopes as we mourn Ebony.

Skeleton is a winter sport featured in the Winter Olympics where the competitor rides head-first and prone (lying face down) on a flat sled. It is normally run on an ice track that allows the sled to gain speed by gravity.

Early today, at the Opening Ceremony for the Winter games, Akwasi did well by raising our flag and making sure that we are on the map.

Akwasi Frimpong, Winter Olympics

Himself and his management team made sure that even in a sport of ice and snow, Ghana a sub-Saharan African country had a representation.

Akwasi Frimpong

For a team of one with four managing staff, Ghana’s flag was the second flag to outdoored at the Opening Ceremony only coming after Greece.

Akwasi Frimpong

Thank you Akwasi, for being an inspiration.


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