UCC Permanently Halts Appointment Of Research Assistants

UCC src dvla

The academic board of the University of Cape Coast has approved a proposal to re-designate and modify the rank of research assistants in the university.

The re-designation will mean that there will be no permanent appointment of research assistants. Persons already appointed as research assistants with first degrees will be re-designated to the post of Teaching Assistants while those with a masters degree will be re-designated to the post of Teaching Associates.

In an interview with ATL FM news, the Director of Human Resource of the University of Cape Coast, Rev. Isaac Barfi Sarbeng said, the modification in the ranks adopted by the Board is to ensure that the purpose for which these positions were established is not defeated.

He further disclosed that the new designations will not affect the salaries of those already on the affected ranks. This policy will enhance the intellectual capacity of the university and encourage the affected individuals to work towards gaining higher academic qualifications.

Source:  ATL News


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