Ghanaian, Roberta Annan Has Secured An Appointment To A Global Trade & Investment Taskforce

Roberta Annan, B20

This is a business (corporate) version of Ghana to the world story.

Globally renowned voice for SMEs in Africa, development consultant and philanthropist, Roberta Annan has been appointed a member of the prestigious Business 20, (B20) the private sector´s voice of the G20 community.

Roberta Annan who is the Founder and CEO of Roberta Annan Consulting LLC (RAC) and Managing Partner of Roberta Annan Capital Partners (RACP), also serves as an Investment Advisor to Family Offices across the globe and a friend to several organizations such as UNICEF, Vista-Jet, Invest Africa Club, Nexus, Milken Institute and Africa 2.0.

As a member of the B20, she will join renowned Chairman and CEO of the Techint Group, Paolo Rocca and other prominent group of Argentine business leaders on the Trade and Investment Task Force which is a committee of high level business executives or board members of business organizations associated with the G20 member countries or special countries invited to the specific G20 cycle.

As a member of the B20 Trade and Investment Taskforce, Roberta Annan will work on policy recommendations that will be presented at the G20 meeting in Argentina later in 2018.

In a short interaction with Prince Akpah on her recent appointment, she mentioned this position will give her the opportunity to promote SMEs in Africa who are often neglected when it comes to the issues of trade and investment.

In October 2018, her company Roberta Annan Capital Partners through its impact investments arm will be making a huge undertaking and work on an important project to support SMEs in the creative industries in partnership with various global organizations. This will be a continuation of the efforts of the African Fashion Fund, an NGO she founded in 2014 that is geared toward empowering fashion designers from Africa and its diaspora to succeed in the global fashion industry and market.

Roberta Annan was in 2017 voted among the top 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians in ranking poll by Avance Media.

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The B20 has historically worked to provide practical perspectives to the G20 interests and generate new ideas in a variety of themes that include: employment and education, trade and investment, financing growth and infrastructure and innovation, among others.

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Source: Prince Akpah


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