The First People Who Settled In Present-Day Britain Were Black People

Cheddar Man

Kuulpeeps, we are about to ‘bost’ your mind.

Yes, you know present-day Britain, right? England, Scotland and Wales? Well apparently, the first people to inhabit those lands were black-skinned, with dark curly hair and possibly blue eyes, a new analysis of a 10,000-year-old Somerset skeleton has revealed.

Somerset is a county located in South West of England.

Scientists at the Natural History Museum used pioneering genetic sequencing and facial reconstruction techniques to prove that the first hunter-gatherers successfully to inhabit Britain were far darker in complexion than previously thought.

Cheddar Man

The groundbreaking discovery was made in a “stroke of luck” after archaeologists found scraps of DNA in the ear of the Mesolithic “Cheddar Man”, the oldest complete skeleton ever found in the UK and one of the museum’s most treasured specimens.

They then cross-referenced the genomes of modern inhabitants of Cheddar, near Gough’s Cave in the Cheddar Gorge where the remains were discovered in 1903, as well as other fossils from across Europe.

Cheddar Man

The results show, contrary to popular belief, that the founding generations of Britons owed more in appearance to Paleolithic Africans, from whom all humans descend.

The Paleolithic age is a prehistoric period of human history distinguished by the development of the most primitive stone tools.

Scientists said they show that commonly understood racial categories are historically only “recent constructions”.

Cheddar Man

Roughly 12,000 humans lived in Britain at the time that Cheddar Man thrived and their DNA now comprises roughly 10 percent of the genetic make-up of most white people currently living in the UK.

They lived mainly in tents made from animal skins and preyed on animals like deer and boar using hunting dogs and bows and arrows.


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