Ashesi: Academic Committee Undertakes Anti-plagiarism Campaign On Campus


Hello Fellow Ashesians,

This semester, the Academic Committee presents to you the Anti-plagiarism Campaign. It is a campaign that seeks to draw students attention to various plagiarism practices, and how to avoid them. Through this campaign, the Academic Committee hopes that the number of plagiarism cases which are being sent to the AJC will dwindle.

The launch of the campaign kicked off on Wednesday, 31st January 2018, with an outdoor session where students and faculty interacted with citation games and to learn more tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

The competition was heated, and it was an amazing experience to see some of our faculty and staff engage in the fun😃😃. And even though we had students and faculty taking part in our fun games, there is still the need to award the winners for the day.

Help us in congratulating them for a good job done:

Lunch Prizes

  • Racheal Appiah
  • Yesmin Alhassan
  • The (Richelle, Lilian and Joy) Team😃

Essentials Vouchers

  • Oheneba Aggrey
  • Maliha Abdulai and Seyram Kartey

Writing Plagiarism Awareness officially ended with quotes from your Stars and tips on how to prevent writing plagiarism in your academic papers.





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