This Legon Student Is Super Creative And A Wizard With African Print!

Meet Joshua, a final year Geography student.

We saw some of his work, fell in love with them and we just had to find him!!!

Kuulpeeps Legon: Heeeeeeeyyy

Joshua: Hi

Kuulpeeps Legon: We know what you do but others don’t so give us a brief intro on your business.

Joshua: okay so I’m the CEO and owner of WaveAfriQ. We specialize in customized shoes, bags, bracelets, necklaces, and anything you want to customize with African print, we gotcha!

Kuulpeeps Legon: Anything anything?

Joshua: Anything!!! Just bring it and we will sort you out.

KuulpeepsLegon: When did you have that lightbulb moment to start a business?

Joshua: Well, way back in level 200…

Kuulpeeps Legon: Way back like it wasn’t just 2years ago but, go on…

Joshua: haahaaa!! Okay so I have always wanted to be of help to people; I love making people happy. I started to sell some cute tiny fans in level 200. The kind you connect via USB to your laptop and it’d blow nicely for you. I was excited but unfortunately, my business failed.

Kuulpeeps Legon: lol… We didn’t see that coming.

Joshua: lol I didn’t either. I failed terribly because people didn’t really want what I was selling so I ended up giving out the fans to my friends. Later, I got a roommate who was into African print bags. I got closer to him, we became friends and I learnt how to make the bags too. Once I got the hang of it, I decided to take it to the next level and now, here I am.

Kuulpeeps Legon: Mr businessman studying geography.

Joshua: Oh yes! I love the business kraa more than my program of study!

Kuulpeeps Legon: lol so how are you integrating Geography with your passion for business?

Joshua: The layman thinks geography is only about travelling and digging and studying soil and rocks but it does have some aspect of tourism in it which I intend to use fully to my advantage.

Kuulpeeps Legon: Do people ask why you’re doing woman’s stuff when they see you hunched over your worktable stringing beads together?

Joshua: look, what I do is something I have a passion for. I just love doing things that will make people appreciative and happy and if I can make money out of it too then…awesome! So I don’t really care what people think. Lol.

Kuulpeeps Legon: wow. Can you take us through your creative process?

Joshua: Well ermm, No one taught me how to bead and I learnt bag weaving and mosaic in JHS and my roommate who taught me the other stuff of course. I have an eye for beauty so when I have to finish a product, I just do it. When it comes to putting colours together, I know what would look nice in my mind’s eye even before I start. But, if I put it together and it’s not nice for me anymore, which is rare, I just destroy it and start over. I visualize the things I bead before I actually do them. The only problem will be that what I did is too big or too small but even that one is also rare with me because I have observed and noted that for females, to create a beaded bracelet, you’d need a measurement of roughly 18 or 16cm. Sometimes I use a tape measure to be extra certain. Sometimes I put plans down and work out how my finished product will look like before I start.

Kuulpeeps Legon: We see a lot of people doing what you do today. What makes yours different?

Joshua: Mine is different because of the passion behind it. My products are crafted with extra love… lol. Plus, if you ask me to do something with your own specs and I know it won’t be nice, I’ll not give it to you at all. I’d rather give it to you for free than to let you pay for something I know is not nice.

Kuulpeeps Legon: Beauty is relative. What if what you think is nice isn’t for me.

Joshua: Well that one, I will just ask you what you want then we can work together to get an improved version. Customers are my joy. I want them to be deeply satisfied so I should be able to give them value for their money. I want you to cherish what I give you.

Kuulpeeps Legon: How do you get your fabrics though? They’re really pretty.

Joshua: Usually, I use Woodin and other African fabrics but I prefer Woodin because of its quality. I usually don’t use other fabrics. I focus on the African print fabric because I love Africa, I’m proud I’m African and I want to do stuff that will represent Africans and make other people appreciative of the continent.

Kuulpeeps Legon: Any deep meaning behind your choice of the name WaveAfriQ or it is just a name?

Joshua: lol Wave represents sea waves and Afriq is, of course, Africa and the Q is for Quality so basically it means, quality emanating from Africa. I chose Wave because sea waves always work. It never sleeps, it’s always moving and that’s what we do here at WaveAfriq, constantly thinking up creative ways to make our products amazing!

Kuulpeeps Legon: What is the worst challenge you’ve faced in this kind of business?

Joshua: Sometimes it’s hard getting the raw materials. Sometimes I have an idea for something really different but you go to the market and all you find are basic cheap china made stuff which does not always produce good quality results. Sometimes we just end up getting some stuff from other countries. It’s challenging really and limits my creativity.

Kuulpeeps: This has been amazing! Fun and insightful!!! Thank you for talking to us. Here’s a couple more of his work:

You can call WaveAfriQ on 0247978800 and you can follow WaveAfriQ on Instagram as well!

(We suggest you do so because something tells us someone might just get something for free .. Maybe)


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