South African Rapper AKA Took This Twitter Troll To The Cleaners


Kuulpeeps, we need your input here.

Do you think South African rapper, AKA overreacted in this situation or what he did was just right.

Wait, we will tell you the story with a number of tweets.

Y’all remember this viral meme right?


You might have used it yourself, but this Twitter user might be the very definition of bad luck.

He is the only person we have seen use this meme and gotten bad blood for that.

Here is how it all started,

He sent this tweet to troll all those who will be gnashing on Valentine’s Day.

Funny right?

Well, AKA, the “Do It” hitmaker didn’t see the joke in using his picture and the mention too, so he sent and attacking quote tweet.

Was it harsh?

This Twitter user thought AKA was being too harsh so she sent this quote tweet.

The AKA went after her too:

Yes, we want celebrities on Twitter to interact with us but should AKA have wished poverty on him?

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