KNUST: An Exclusive Interview With “The Delay” Hitmaker, Tibu!

If you’re a student in KNUST and haven’t heard of the “DELAY” song by KNUSTs very own Tibu then you’re missing out. At the latter part of the last semester, an upcoming artiste shot to fame by releasing a banger. Everyone fell in love with this song. Now we are hanging out with the great guy behind this magic. Yeah, so relax and get to know more about him.

Kuulpeeps: Hey Tibu

Tibu: Hi

Kuulpeeps: Who is Tibu?

Tibu: Student by day, Yammy guy by night. I am Kinsley Tibu, a Ghanaian with a Nigerian
descent and a third-year civil engineering student.

Kuulpeeps: Oh so Tibu is your real name? When did you start your music career?

Tibu: Yeah it is my real name, and I have had the passion for music for a very long time. I started making beats in class 6, and I brought out my first single in my first year in KNUST, it is called “Tempo”.

Kuulpeeps: Tempo is not really out there. Am i right?

Tibu: Tempo is out, but it is not making waves like “Delay”.

Kuulpeeps: I see, so what inspires your choice of lyrics?

Tibu: There’s no specific inspiration, it’s all about my natural feelings for things around me.

Kuulpeeps: So what kind of genre of the music do those natural feelings create and how many songs have you recorded so far?

Tibu: So basically, I’m into afro dancehall and I have 2 songs so far; “Tempo” and “Delay”.

Kuulpeeps: Just two! That’s good for a start, superstar status already.

Tibu: Lol, thanks

Kuulpeeps: How did you promote your hit song “Delay”? Is there any video we should expect
and if yes how soon?

Tibu: One tweet, a million retweets, shares on social media, and the general support was
great, to be honest, I didn’t know it will get this far. And yes, there will be a video soon and all
should be expected in a month.

Kuulpeeps: Boom!!! You felt like a superstar I guess. This is something iconic.

Tibu: Yeah you can say that. Felt amazing. Like I said, I didn’t expect it to go that far.

Kuulpeeps: Who do you look up to in the music industry both locally and internationally?

Tibu: A lot, a lot. With the likes of Mr Eazi, Davido, Mugeez, Wizkid and I’m hoping to get a sign up from Mr Eazi.

Kuulpeeps: That’s nice. We pray he signs you soon.

Tibu: Sure, thanks.

Kuulpeeps: Where from Yammy Dondada?

Tibu: Lol Yammy was given to me by a female friend, and yeah I am a Don, and I could be your daddy. lol.

Kuulpeeps: Interesting! Has music in one way or the other affected your academics and your relations with people?

Tibu: It does sometimes, but I try to balance things. People around and the family
keep on supporting.

Kuulpeeps: Let’s get a little private, what do you look for in a girl?

Tibu: A good attitude, a nice face and we are good to go. I am a breast guy *laughs*

Kuulpeeps: I really love your honesty. So, we can say there is someone who has your
specialllllllll attention?

Tibu: Yes you can say that and that’s my

Kuulpeeps: Lol so you mean there’s no girl?

Tibu: Not now, lol.

So, ladies, you heard him. Make your moves, ASAP!

Kuulpeeps: How do you deal with negative vibes from people?

Tibu: I am a no stress guy so such vibes have no effect on me so yeah…

Kuulpeeps: Do you plan on focusing on your music career after school?

Tibu: I don’t just plan on dropping my civil engineering. I could become the civil engineer
turned artiste.

Kuulpeeps: Who is behind your music production? Should we expect more songs from you?

Tibu: So far, all the production were done by me, but very soon a couple of people will take care of that.  Yeah, Boye and Uche, but i will be assisting them as well. I am hoping to release lots of bangers as well.

Kuulpeeps: Great. Thanks for your time, Tibu. We pray God takes you very fa and help you achieve all your dreams.

Tibu: Amen! Thanks for having me too.


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