Ashesians The Entertainment Committee Presents To You: Black Panther On The Hill

Kuulpeeps Ashesi,
It has been almost three weeks into the semester, and the Entertainment Committee (EC) don’t seem to stop wowing us with amazing events on this hilly side of town. The drill is, Silverbird Cinemas will be screening Black Panther on the 16th of February 2018 at the Accra Mall. However, The Entertainment Committee, has the best for you in terms of having a fun semester, as such, they would love to save you, Ashesians, the cost of travelling all the way to Accra.
In order to screen Black Panther at the same time on the premiering date, the EC needs a minimum of 250 Ashesians, 👫👫😅 to sign up for a cool rate of 40gh each. Cool right? 
happy broad city GIF
Sign Up Here and let’s have fun together.


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