PHOTOS: Trigmatic And His Wife Christen Their New Baby Boy In Accra

Kuulpeeps, award-winning Afrobeats artiste, Trigmatic and his wife, Edith Schandorf have christened their son, Eden.

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Eden was born at the Kings College Hospital in London at 12:36 PM on Friday, November 24, 2017.

The first time parents presented their baby boy to God yesterday and officially named him, Eden Alexander Oduro-Agyei.

Now approaching 3 months old, Eden’s birth motivated Trigmatic to write a love letter to God and his wife.

“With patience, humility and time, you find the mind of God. God blesses His own in many ways. You don’t look far to count your blessings. He puts gifts in many people around us but we hardly see. I have seen this in many ways. In my walk with God, He’s taught me to put a value on the many little things and regard not material like many do. If men can keep digging they will hit the jewel one day. Forget the pain and keep at it. You are a true God and the mockery and hard times have paid off. You kept your word God and said you will bless those that diligently seek you. Forgive me when I ask for more. It’s just the man in me but you always come through. God am grateful for teaching me each day of my life how awesome you are. God bless this woman @mrs__matic! You are such a blessing ❤️❤️❤️,” he said a couple of weeks ago.

Isn’t that goals???

Check out the beautiful pictures of Eden’s christening at the Potter’s Family Chapel in Accra.

Trigmatic, Wife, Edith Schandorf   Trigmatic,

We can’t wait for the ‘daddy singing with son’ videos.

Photo Credit: Nana Yeboah Photography


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