This Is Where To Be To Know The 101 On Relationships On Campus And How To Make Them Work

First of all, Do you qualify?

This is an obvious question we need to ask ourselves before getting into a relationship.

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Well, do you really qualify to be in a relationship because Charley it’s a whole Championship league ooo! It’s not all about taking selfies together and ‘pressing pressing’ each other.

See, before you start whining to your friends and asking yourself if you’re too ugly to get a boo, just ask yourself, do you qualify to sustain a relationship?

Okay ermm, let’s make it simple.

Do you think you can focus on your studies and also manage a boyfriend or girlfriend at the same time?


Don’t panic just yet.

The School of Marriage (SOMA), together with the University of Ghana SRC is hoping to change the way people approach and enjoy relationships.

On the 23rd of February, you’d be schooled in Relationship 101 and it’d be more intensive than your University of Ghana Required Courses (UGRCs) combined!

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SOMA will be touring selected campuses to hold discussions with students on how to avoid mistakes they keep making in their relationships on campus and how-to sustain them.They plan to discuss topics such as sex and grades, why most boys are not men, why people think men don’t love and women don’t respect, the whole idea of love is wicked among others.

It’s going to be super interesting, interactive and intensive! So yeah, call your crush or your bae…come and grab someone there because the setting will be perfect!!!


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