5 Myths About UCC That Are Entirely False

myths about ucc that are not true

Some rumours about UCC are wild, some are hilarious and some are born out of mischief.

However wild and funny they are, the rumours never stop. You meet with your colleagues from other universities and the kind of questions they will ask you eh!!!… Plain mischief but let’s clear some doubts today by demystifying these myths.

UCC Girls no dey bee

myths about ucc that are not true

OH! Dem no dey bee sen? Please, this is not true at all… Our girls are on point and don’t be in your house and say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beholder or no beholder our girls dey bee.

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UCC Guys are dull

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So who at all has been spreading these rumours?… our girls no dey bee, the guys are dull… then what we are doing here? Chill for us oo…  One thing we know is that our guys are cool, not dull… Still not convinced, try a Friday night at the red empire (Casford).

Prep Is Compulsory

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Whhatttt???? This is a wild rumour but please take it from us. PREP IS NOT COMPULSORY because there’s no prep to attend in the first place. Yeah, of course, we do have lots of quizzes to write so mans gotta prepare,  that’s  why our lecture theatres and libraries are busy at night as they are at daytime, it’s not because we are forced. You guys make it sound like our hall masters come with canes and shout go to prep, go to prep… Owh!!! THEY DON’T.

Everyone In UCC Is A ‘Brilla’

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If you guys insist on complimenting us every time and telling us we are smart no problem. It may, however, not be entirely true but we still like it like that.  We can’t confirm or deny this. If you say we are all a bunch of brilliant students then so be it.

There’s No Fun In UCC

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Are you people serious at all? Or probably you are talking about another UCC? How can you tell us there is no fun in UCC. Have you heard about Fresh ‘a’ Fair? Lights Up? We haven’t even started listing all of the hall weeks we have. Can you kindly come back with another point because this one dieeerrrr..3ny3!

UCC is one of the fun-loving universities in Ghana and we mean it!


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